Roman Pools Ltd specialise in automatic swimming pool covers to suit any size or shape swimming pools new or old. This can be installed below or above ground.

New building legislation in 2010 also means that the swimming pool is taken into account with regard to energy efficiency.


Swimming Pool Covers also give you added safety and protection. In combination with SS handrails or a specially constructed shelf below the cover there is safety against drowning. While the pool is unattended or not in use the covers are strong enough to hold the weight of domestic pets or a small child.

In addition to this electrocution is impossible as the cover work on low voltage system.

The opening and the closing mechanism is quiet and efficient and can only be worked when the special key is in the correct position.


Bespoke Venetian pool covers can be placed on every type of swimming pool; from new build pools such as concrete and polystyrene to one-piece pools such as polypropylene and polyester right through to package pools such as wood and metal construction.
The spindle and suspension are entirely produced from stainless steel. The pool covers can operate by an external motor or by a motor in the reel.


Swimming Pool Safety CoverRoman Pools Ltd are approved safety cover system installers. The pool safety covers provide safety and protection for your family, friends and pets and help prevent pool related accidents.

They provide the ultimate pool safety giving you option to choose either the most comfortable and luxurious automatic type or manual version of the mechanism. The mechanism itself can be hidden below the ground. There are many available options of tracks, which is where the pool cover operates from. Simply turning a key activates the automatic hydraulic mechanism.

Cover Benefits of automatic hydraulic pool cover:

  • Closing/Opening speed of up to 3 seconds per metre.
  • Safety Compliance with worldwide safety regulations.
  • Easy key operation by single turn of key.
  • Lockable operating switch.
  • Hydraulic system so no need for electricity near the pool
  • Directly driven hydraulic Motors, no gearing or clutch provides better reliability.

At Roman Pools we can are keen to discuss your requirements and advise you of the best solution for your swimming pool. Whether your top priority be safety or the most aesthetically pleasing automatic swimming pool cover we are experts at providing the right solution for you. We provide both outdoor and indoor swimming pool covers.